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Уважаеми пациенти, на всяко 18-то число (или първи работен ден след него) можете да си запишете час за преглед за следващия календарен месец на телефони: 0879425940 или 029525940.
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Medrec:M е платформа за дигитално здраве с мобилно приложение, която позволява на пациенти и лекари от всяка точка на света, да провеждат виртуални прегледи и да обменят ключова медицинска информация свързана със здравословното състояние на пациента.

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About us

The Practice of Allergology, est. in 1991 by Dr. Bogdan Mustakov, MD is the first Allergology practice in our country. He put in it all his great experience as an allergologist and pediatrician and his youthful enthusiasm which he kept till his last hour. Since 2003 the practice is run by Dr. Tihomir Mustakov, MD. It is his way to express his love towards children and medicine. Dear patients, we will be happy to apply our skills in favor of your health. Except the huge clinical expertise and the careful attitude towards our patients, in our practice you can carry out almost all the necessary tests, important for the diagnosis and treatment of allergic diseases.

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The Allergy

An allergy is a disorder of the immune system in which it recognizes as enemies otherwise harmless substances from the environment.

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Dr. Tihomir Mustakov

Dr. Tihomir Mustakov

Education - medicine, Medical Academy - Sofia

Specialization in children's diseases- Scientific institute of Pediatry

Specialization in allergology: Allergology Clinic and Clinical Immunology, Alexandrovska Hospital, Sofia

Degree in allergology: Allergology clinic, Groningen University Hospital, The Netherlands. International courses in allergology of EAACI


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    Blood tests, blood samples, provocation tests.

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    In our practice we perform all the contemporary methods of treatment of allergic diseases.

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    Additional Patient Care

    We would be glad to provide you our professional skills, approach and treatment in order for patients to have the best chances to be cured and reduce allergic symptoms.

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    The main places where allergic diseases are manifested are the respiratory system, the skin, the digestive and cardiovascular system.

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Patients about us

At our clinic we would be glad to assist you with our qualification, clinical experience and care towards our patients, in favor of their health.

    Since we visit you for treatment, my child feels much better, takes less medicines. On our way to your cabinet, she always says: "We are going to MY doctor!" Thank you for your caring approach!
    M. Krusteva
    There still are good doctors - caring, warm-hearted and empathetic! Thanks from the bottom of my heart, doctor! For your professionalism and generosity, demonstrated towards my daughter! Best wishes to you and your whole team!
    I. Popova